Advance Auto Index Php Script With SEO AND ADMIN PANEL Like PagalWorld

Advance Auto Index Php Script With SEO AND ADMIN PANEL

How To Install Advance Auto Index Php Script ?

Follow Step

1.Extract All Files In htdocs Or public_html
2.Create New Database
3.Open Url Site Click Install Now Link
4.Enter Details About Your Database Account With Your Website Link And New Admin Password
5.Upload All files And folder in filesdirectory for adding in site
6.Login Cpanel Yoursite.Com/cpEnter Admin Password
7.Admin=>MySQL database=>Click On Full update database 8.Done Open Your Site

Admin Panel Future

1. Complete update of all that is behind the chosen folder.
2. Renaming.
3. Description.
4. Upgrading just the fact that Nekhoda in the chosen folder, nezatragivaya subsections.
5. Manualy Upload Folder Logo (Folder Id).png in folderpre
6. Raise the folder on the list for 1-up.
7. Lower folder list on 1 down.
8 .Add section (description to grupe directories).
9. Renaming.

This Script Licence Protected

All New Function Added

Music Lable
Auto Singer
Mp3 Bitrate
Auto Mp3 Play
Music Director
All Page Thumb Share
New Updated Admin Panel
100% SSL Work Free & Paid
No Any Error Page
No Shell File
No Hacking Chances 100% Fully Secure
Live Full Support 365 Day/24Hour
Auto Latest Update
Singer Thum Show In Singer List
Installation Full Guide & Support Free
Fast Page Uploading Time
Sitemap Free Include Unlimited Pages
Full Seo Include
Fast Rank Google
All Function Added In This Script
100% Safe From Hackers
Auto Mp3 Tags
Watermark On All Thumbnails (eg. Category, Singer, Song)
Automatic Latest Updates
Featured Songs
Featured Singers
Auto Sitemap Generator
Request ZoneFull Feature Admin Panel
Voice Tag Mixer
Bitrate Converter 64kbps 128kbps 192kbps 320kbps

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