JAMAICA TO INDIA LYRICS – Emiway | Chris Gayle

Jamaica To India Lyrics by Emiway and Chris Gayle from latest Rap Hindi song (2021) with music given by Tony James. Jamaica to india song lyrics are written by Emiway and video is directed by Malum Hai Na.

JAMAICA TO INDIA LYRICS – Emiway | Chris Gayle
JAMAICA TO INDIA LYRICS – Emiway | Chris Gayle

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Jamaica To India Song Detail

Song: Jamaica To India
Lyrics by: Emiway
Singer: Emiway, Chris Gayle
Composer: Tony James
Music: Emiway Bantai

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Jamaica To India Lyrics

From Jamaica to India
All over the globe
You know it’s Chris Gayle
Universe boss
Alongside Emiway
Run it

Hai ek number bhai
Kya bolte sab log kya chalu hai

Emiway Bantai maloom hai na
Chris Gayle bhai sath mein hai kya
Machate hain abhi chalo
India se Jamaica
Hua jab tere bhai ka
Worldwide gaana baje
Tension beta kaaye ka
Apna kaam karne ka
Nahi filane ka be raita
Chillin’ with the legend
Wait karke kya fayada

Bhai call kiye apun kiyeh land hai
Party karne ka tha book kar daale island hai
Chikas party mein bharele
Video bhi grand hai
Emiway Bantai yeh naam nahi yeh brand hai
Samajh mai aaya kya lala

Rich life hahaha

Jet ski on the ocean front
Cuban cigar inna mouth no blunt
Emiway we do it anyway
What we feel
Rich life we live everyday

Girls a bubble so you thats trouble
Pockets deep you’d swear its a puddle
Remember the days when we never had nothing
Now a three course meals
Steak and mutton

A just the vibes
A just the vibes
From money talk then you know say we live
Money stock on the front seat of the ride
Couple girls inna the back emiway lets ride

No joke when we touch the sail boat
Girls cover me something like rain coat
Inna money man a swim bress stroke
Universe boss yeah the man yeah the goat

A just the vibes a just the vibes
Emiway lets ride
A just vibes a just the vibes
Couple hot girls inna the ride

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